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Mt Indigo - Nightswimming

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Mt Indigo - Night Swimming [Full Album, YouTube Playlist]

The Mt Indigo Institute Overview

The Mt Indigo Institute
A Brief History

The Mt Indigo Institute opened its doors shortly after WWII, in 1947. It began its existence as a cooperative research and development venture between the United States government and private industry. Ever since, it has led the way in fields such as Solar Energy Research, Aerospace Technology & Communications, Subliminal Auditory Persuasion Techniques, Meteorological Manipulation, Interdimensional Exploration, Terraforming, Matter Displacement Methods, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, and much more.

Our global operations facilities are located in New York, Detroit, Chicago, Alaska, New Mexico, Vancouver, Bermuda, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. With such a wide array of operations, unparalleled facilities and technology, and locations around the globe, there is no shortage of rewarding career opportunities available at The Mt Indigo Institute.

Join us today

As you can see, at The Mt Indigo Institute, your contributions can help to ensure mankind is prepared for whatever challenges the future may hold. We look forward to nurturing your talents and helping you realize your full human potential.

You can begin your examination preparation immediately by obtaining the Auditory Induction Program, Phase One, Mt Indigo - Night Swimming. For optimal results, listen to the program using headphones or a quality hi-fi playback system in a quiet environment.

Remember, a relaxed mind is an absorbent mind. Good luck.